Expozine Hustle!

As we are a day from Expozine in Montreal I wanted to highlight some of the awesome projects that I am excited to see for the first time. One of my favorite collage artists, Carl David Ruttan, has just recently released a book called Printoptik with Maison Kasini, one of my favorite Galleries. His miniature collages are digitally enlarged and the vivid detail in his found materials makes this a very unique body of collages.

Papirmasse will be debuting their 2011 Folio, which collects all the amazing issues of this incredible mail-art monthly that published a collage and story of mine back in Issue #14. It is also the perfect time to renew your subscription, or even subscribe for the first time!

I am so excited to see the recent debut from Trapshot Archives. Four new titles that range from art to poetry to fiction, all well produced and stunning in design. I can’t wait to get my hands on some copies of these!

Grace: A Graphic Novel, was recently released by Madelaine Richards and her brother. Sadly I was in the Yukon when it launched, but I am thrilled to see it now! After many moons in artful pursuit, the siblings Richards have crafted a modern day fable, woven of fashionista wishes and run away opportunities. Grace is truly a design lover’s dream comic:  Unparalleled grand & colorful galas, it’s a story about the downside of vanity & obsession.

I am also really thrilled to see the latest issue of Four Minutes to Midnight which celebrates Ten Years of Expozine! And lastly, I can’t wait to see all the things I never expected to see, the mini-zines, posters, photocopies, broadsheets, postcards, and other nifty things!

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